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Communicator is a powerful, easy-to-use, real-time messaging system for businesses. It is scalable from ten to tens of thousands of users and easily administered from a centralized control panel for customization and security. IMiN Communicator is the perfect software for interoffice instant messaging as well as outer office communication for medium to large businesses.

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Instant Messaging, Text And Emails In Business
Instant Messages. Texts. Emails. Yes.

IMiN Communicator is more versatile than other instant messaging programs for business. Send instant messages from home or when you're on the road. Set up field offices quickly and securely. And even send and receive text messages and emails in real-time. IM chat sessions, emails and texts are all stored on a central server so that retrieval, archiving, and security are always the focus.

The Price is Right

IMiN communicator is just a fraction the cost of equivalent enterprise instant messaging suites from Microsoft or Jabber. Just $495 for the server module and $45 per user, no matter how many users, no matter how many different locations. Classically over engineered, IMiN Communicator is an exceptional value at a great price.

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Scalable Company Instant Messaging Remote Updates Of Instant Messaging In Business Predefined Responses In Secure Instant Messaging
Scalability Remote Updates Predefined Responses
The Communicator and EBS platform can accommodate tens of thousands of users. Because of the EBS design, this business instant messaging solution has virtually no user limit. EBS control center can deploy new releases of Communicator remotely. Administrators do not have to visit each desk to roll out a new version of the application no matter where the system is. Communicator allows users to define up to 24 "one-touch" responses such as "send them through", "call back in 5" or "you handle it for me". This customized one-click function saves you time daily.

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Connect From Anywhere Securely

IMiN Communicator runs on top of our proprietary EBS (Enterprise Business Services) server infrastructure, which supports most industry standard encryption methods to meet corporate security standards. With EBS there is no need for a complicated VPN, users can simply connect via a WAN or the Internet through one customized TCP port keeping security tight. Offsite users can easily be accomodated by opening a single port on the firewall. For a more indepth look at IMiN Communicator's security capability check out our Security page.

Emergency Communications
Users can not only instant chat using Communicator, they can also send and receive email and text messages when networks like Blackberry are down. In fact, one of our clients was able to use IMiN Communicator to coordinate with their employees during the 9/11 when most other communications were down.

Centralized History Storage
Every single message sent or received is recorded on the server and is accessible by authorized users from any location. This is in keeping with Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Control Communications
IMiN Communicator’s powerful auditing and reporting tool gives you detailed message searches, file transfer tracking and questionable content reports on all your business instant messaging. And you can manage users and groups from a central administration tool making it easy to change on the fly.

Zones and Groups
For larger companies, users can be grouped by "sites" and "zones." Plus you can identify your "favorites" to simplify access to people you most commonly communicate.

One Office or Hundreds of Offices
IMiN Communicator
gives you the flexibility to ad more and more users as your company grows. No need for additional software, it's easy to bring a new office online.

Presence Awareness
By looking in the tree you can see if a user is currently online and actively working on their computer.

Offline : Communicator is offline.
Online : Communicator is online.
Auto Reply : Communicator is in AutoReply mode.
User away from desk : Communicator is online, but the user has not typed or moved their mouse for a user defined extended period of time (15 minutes by default).



$495 for the EBS server module. This is the brain center of Communicator with security features, centralized storage, texting, email and the ability to host multiple locations. You only need the one server module for as many locations or users you want.

Just $45 for each user.

Contact our sales team today to purchase, or sign up for our 30-day Free Trial. Or if you're looking for a more simple instant messanger for use on a single network, check out IMiN Lite, perfect for smaller offices.

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If you'd like a copy of the IMiN manual, please click here.

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