IMiN Lite- Secure Instant Messaging for Small Businesses.

IMiN Lite is a simple, secure and private instant messaging system for the office. Cost effective, IMiN Lite is an inter-office IM perfect for smaller offices, working securely over your own private network. Try the Free 30-day IMiN Lite trial and your entire office can be up and sending instant messages in minutes.

IMiN 30 Days Free Trial
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Tour Of IMiN Lite

IMiN Lite benefits

  • Save money with effective communication.
  • History of every IM chat conversation at your fingertips.
  • Reduce time-wasting, inter office phone calls.
  • Safe, secure instant messaging that eliminates internet threats.
  • Announce a phone call without disrupting calls or meetings.
  • Get a quick response before transferring a call.
  • Message co-workers and let them know a customer is waiting.
  • Message the front office to send in a client.
  • Presence awareness - know when people are at their desk.
  • Make a company-wide announcement in real-time.


IMiN at $39


Get IMiN Lite now.

  • Just $39.00. No monthly fees.
  • Download and use immediately.
  • Simple interface that takes minutes to learn.
  • The first year of support for free.
  • Send messages with a single mouse click.
  • Send inter-office messages to certain groups.
  • No Server or Internet connection required.
  • Inexpensive messaging system priced for small businesses.
  • Permission access gives you control over which employees have access.
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Why IMiN Lite?
Inter-office instant messaging can not only save a company money, but change the way its employees communicate. We developed IMiN Lite based on the needs of small businesses, with a focus on budget and resources. IMiN Lite is quick and simple to deploy, and gives small businesses advanced tools and functionality previously only available to large companies.


Secure Instant Messaging

Secure Instant Messaging
IMiN Lite is as secure as your current firewall. This is an easy way of saying that it operates entirely on your current network and requires no internet access or communication with the outside world. This way you keep your company information safe, and your workforce focused on the business at hand.

Instant Message Security

IMiN Lite for Small Business
Fully equipped with many of the same features as IMiN Communicator, IMiN Lite is a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant instant messenger designed to run in a small office environment. This makes it the perfect instant messaging system for law firms and accounting firms.

No Server Required
Fast and easy. IMiN Lite is a true peer-to-peer instant messaging system that requires no central server and practically no administration. The result is a cost-effective, LAN messaging program that delivers the benefits of larger and more expensive messaging systems. And IMiN Lite supports up to 50 users, and once your business outgrows IMiN Lite, we can upgrade you to IMiN Communicator for a smooth, seamless transition.

Instant Messaging Priced for Small Businesses
Without the need for additional hardware, software or IT support costs, IMiN Lite's pricing makes it an affordable tool for small business. To get started, customers pay a one-time charge of $39 per user which includes one year of technical support. After the first year, technical support can be purchased for $9 per user.

IMiN is Compatible
All IMiN products are compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98 and 95.

Try Before You Buy
We don't want to sell you a piece of software you don't need. So be our guest and try IMiN Lite for free for 30-days. We insist.

IMiN 30 Days Free Trial
To purchase call 310.997.0681

Just $39 per User
Ready to buy? Great. Each user in your office will need their own license. Click the button below to order.

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If you'd like a copy of the IMiN manual, please click here.

Have questions or need support?
If you have questions or need support, please visit our support page.

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