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IMiN Lite is an inter-office secure instant message application for smaller offices. IMiN Communicator is the perfect inter- and outer-office instant messaging security software for medium to large businesses. Both IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator are secure instant messaging systems engineered to make communication easier, while reducing your company’s online footprint. Unlike public IM and chat applications (such as Yahoo! and AOL), IMiN office instant messaging software is designed to operate behind your existing firewall to keep public intruders, spam, and IM-based threats off your computers.

IM security risks fall into three main categories:
Inbound instant messaging threats: Web-based IM programs allow for easy distribution of malware (viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and more) and spam, which can create a major drain in productivity and resources.

Outbound instant messaging threats: IM opens new 'holes' through which information can leak or be leaked, leading to user privacy concerns and the potential loss of intellectual property.

Non-compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements: Most IM programs create invisible communications channels that operate below the radar of conventional information security measures, exposing the organization to regulatory compliance breaches and non-SOX compliant behavior.


Reducing Instant Messaging Risks
To combat these risks, both IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator are designed as instant messaging office applications with excellentsafe-guards that are easy to employ. IMiN Lite operates entirely behind your existing firewall and never needs to communicate with the internet. IMiN Communicator's sophisticated security programming allows a company to designate a single port of entry and exit for information, making it virtually impregnable to outside threats.

SOX-Compliant Inter Office Messaging System History Enabled Interoffice Messaging Private And Personal Secure Instant Messaging
Sarbanes-Oxley? YES. Instant Message History Personal and Private
In today's IT accountability environments, IMiN with EBS is SOX-compliant. Just like corporate email servers, each IM is logged insuring that you can maintain regulatory compliance, easily. Every conversation through IMiN is logged on the server, accessible by users, and can be found and referenced at any time. You can retrieve anything on the system. Find past conversations quickly. IMiN is completely secure, allowing only people who are in your user network to contact you. This prohibits the possibility of hackers, spam and computer viruses.


Administrator Controlled Secure Instant Messaging System Up-To-Date Address Book In Interoffice Im Runs On Internal Network Of The Company
Administrator Control Active Directory Able Runs On Your Network
IMiN and EBS secure instant messaging control panel allows the admin to limit and grant access, as well as maintain the application for multiple users. Using the EBS management console is easy and works in real-time. Active Directory integration makes IMiN a snap to deploy. And with AD and IMiN working together activating a new employee is fast and simple. Plus, the entire company address book is always up-to-date. IMiN Communicator runs on an internal network server of your choice, so your messages are not transmitted over the internet. Maintain a secure instant messaging solution with EBS and IMiN.

Centralized and Searchable Secure Instant Messaging History
Accurate history equals accountability. Need to access that conversation from 3 weeks ago? No problem. How about 3 years ago? Not an issue. Every instant message conversation on IMiN is recorded on the server, and is accessible to any user from any location. We even made IMiN SOX compliant in case of internal audits. Don't want everyone to have search capabilities? No problem. You have full control over who can and cannot perform server searches.

Searchable Inter Office Messaging System History

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