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IMiN Lite Only $39

An easy-to-use Instant Messenger perfect for users on a single office network.

• Simple business instant Messenger . Sets up in minutes.
• No monthly fees.
• Inter-office IM. No server or internet connection required.
• Secure interoffice messaging.
• 10-quick keys for automated responses.
• Includes the first year of support free.
• Questions? Try our 30-Day Free Trail.

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Buy IMiN Communicator

IMiN E-Mail and SMS screen shots

IMiN Communicator Server Module only $495

High-security business Instant Messenger, ideal for internal instant messaging for people in multiple offices, with the ability to IM, email and send & receive phone texts.

• Multi-location business instant messaging.
• Scalable to tens of thousands of users.
• Send and receive texts and emails for workers on the go.
• Centralized administration.
• Active Directory Enabled for easy deployment.
• High-Security encryption.
• SOX Compliant.
• Stored history of every message transmission.
• The first year of support for free.
• Questions? Try our 30-Day Free Trail.

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IMiN Comunicator Only $45 Per User

Used in conjunction with the IMiN Communicator Server Module.

• Use it at home, at work or on the road.
• Instant messaging, texts, emails and plenty more.
• Security encryption.
• Runs on your own network.
• Each user only needs a single license all locations.
• The first year of support for free.
• Must have IMiN Communicator Server Module.

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We accept credit cards online or by phone. For wire transfers, mail orders, checks, cash, invoices and purchase orders please contact our accounting department.

All payments are secure and all prices are in USD.

If you have questions about ordering, payment, or downloading procedures, please contact our support center.


How Licenses Work

Each user needs a license. When you purchase a license you will receive an authorization code to activate the product. If there are 5 people in your office, each person will need a license to use either IMiN product.

The IMiN Communicator license is good for concurrent users. I.E. you can upload the program on multiple computers (e.g. Office, home, laptop, etc.), as long as only one program is active at a time.

We encourage people to take advantage of our free 30-day evaluation period to test our products in terms of network instant messaging extensively to make sure they meet all your needs and requirements. The free trial period starts only after software is downloaded and installed. All applications remain fully functional for the entire duration of the trial period. Paying a licensing fee allows you to continue using the product after the evaluation period expires.

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