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IMiN Communicator Manual
Click here for a copy of the IMiN Communicator How-To guide.


1. Every time I receive a message, IMiN Communicator pops up on the screen and interrupts what I'm doing. How can I stop that? 

By default, Communicator is set to pop-up when a message is received. To change this, click on the Tools button. On the General Tab in the Message Notification section, uncheck the "Auto Maximize on Receive" box. 

2. Every time I send a message, the Communicator window disappears. Where does it go and how do I keep it from disappearing? 

By default, the Communicator window is set to minimize to the system tray after sending a message. To change this, click on the Tools button. On the General Tab in the General section, uncheck the "Auto Minimize after Sending" box. 

3. In a previous version of DataTel, I could send a message to someone when they were off-line but IMiN Communicator does not allow this. 

Communicator uses email to handle off-line messaging. This is an optional feature. Contact your network administrator to find out if it available at your organization. 

4. The Communicator icon disappeared from the system tray. What can I do to bring it back? 

By default, Windows XP hides inactive icons. To change this, right click on an empty area in the Taskbar then select Properties. On the Taskbar tab in the Notification section, either (a) uncheck the "Hide inactive icons" box or (b) click the "Customize" button, select IMiN Communicator from the Current Item list then change the behavior to "Always Show". 

5. My computer does not have speakers so I don't hear the audible alert when a new message arrives. 

If your computer does not have speakers, Communicator can use the built-in beeper inside your PC. Click on the Tools button. On the Audio tab, check the "PC Speaker" box for each audible alert. 

6. Can IMiN Communicator send file attachments? 


7. I can't bring any other windows to the front when the Communicator window is up. Can I change this? 

Yes. To change this, click on the Tools button. On the General tab in the General section, uncheck the "Always on Top" box. 

8. The icon keeps toggling back and forth between and a single dialog bubble and a double dialog bubble. What does this mean? 

This means you have unread messages. Bring up Communicator and click the message advance button until all messages have been read. 

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